Fundraising Program

McMenomy’s Highland Tree Farm Holiday Fundraising Program

Our fundraising program is setup to make your fundraising efforts simple and profitable. Our program is setup to focus on local organizations, such as school bands and sport teams, church groups and service organizations.

Your members take orders using customized order forms and fliers. At the end of your campaign, normally the end of November, the fundraising chair collects all the orders and payments and places your wreath order. Shipment/delivery arrangements are then made and in the first week of December your members can deliver the holiday wreaths to your customers.

Here is an outline of our fundraising program.

1.  We offer to you the opportunity to sell  handcrafted holiday wreaths made with the finest materials from northwest forests, including specially collected high altitude greens.  Based on making a bulk order we will recommend a retail price that is about $10 more than your cost.

2.  Please contact us either by phone or email and provide the following information,  name of your organization, location, number of participants in the fundraising activity, and an estimate of your fundraising goals.

3.  Based on the scope of your fundraising program, we can provide details as to your costs per wreath and a recommended selling price. On receipt of an agreement letter or email confirmation we will provide order form and fliers as MS Word Doc templates that can be easily customized for your organization. Sample wreaths are maybe available on request.

4.  You can then start taking orders for our holiday wreaths. Your customers should make all payments directly to your organization.

5.  Mid-November we will contact you to discuss how your fundraising program is going. At this time we can finalize the schedule for delivery.

6.  In the last week of November or sooner, we ask that you finalize your count and make payment for the order.  At this time we will make arrangements to delivery all of your wreaths during the first week in December.

7.  You can then distribute the wreaths to your customers.

Some details:

To maximize your profits, we will handle your order the same way we handle wholesale orders.  A bulk order minimizes the costs and simplifies the process.  We can either deliver to your location or arrange for pickup at our location reducing your cost even more.

Sample wreaths can be purchased for $25.

Bow Preference - the flier will show the different options for bows.